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GyS is the leader in graphic solutions and visual merchandising, which provides a better showcase for your products through the manufacture and installation of furniture, dispensers and pushers that are tailored to each customer and attractive to the public.

With over 12 years in the business, we have the tools, experience and knowledge to provide the necessary support to all our customers.

We also provide support and advice for supermarkets, companies, or places of installation of our exhibitors.


Our main objective is to provide all the solutions and tools to encourage the sale of your products on the market, thus increasing your income.

To achieve this, we have a large staff of designers who will be responsible for the graphic aspects and design of furniture and pushers (canoes), and qualified personnel for manufacturing and installing them.

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Francisco de Paula 1950 - Ñuñoa - Santiago - Chile

Fono:(56-2) 237 23 90 - Fax:(56-2) 239 86 80