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  1. Development of the Project: We have designers to help you choose the best alternative to display your product. In addition, you will be advised regarding the type of material, structure and concept that your product needs.
  2. Production: We have 2 types of dispensers or pushers:
    - Rigid Canoes: 11.5 and 26 cm.
    - Adjustable Canoes: 9.6, 12 and 14 cm.
    We also make hooks, furniture and displays to suit each client, using the materials they require.
  3. Installation: We not only manufacture products but also we install them and provide assistance wherever customers require.


Total Trade:

Our service is not only based on a structural aspect but also we want to offer a new and modern system that helps your sales to grow more.

This is what we call Total Trade: promoting, packaging, graphics and endless possibilities and solutions for you to show in better way your products and thus positioning more attractively your brand in the market.

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Francisco de Paula 1950 - Ñuñoa - Santiago - Chile

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